Stewardship of Maine's Forests

GCA Logging, Inc. is committed to responsible stewardship of Maine's Forests. We recognize that good management practices of Maine's forestry renewable resources ensures a better future for Maine's logging industry.

"Maine is the most heavily forested state in the country, home to the first sawmill in the U.S. in 1623 on the PIscataqua River.  Despite the challenges of past few years, Maine’s forest products industry still has an enormous impact on our state’s economy, especially in rural communities. The forest products industry was responsible for about 4% of jobs in the state in 2019 — or one in every 25 positions. It also accounted for about 4% of the state’s gross domestic product, or one dollar out of every $25 generated. " - Maine State Forest Products Council executive director Patrick Strauch *


As a family business, we strive to pass Maine's history and resources on to our children in order to ensure a secure future for Maine's forest industry.

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