Stewardship of Maine's Forests

GCA Logging, Inc. is committed to responsible stewardship of Maine's Forests. We recognize that good management practices of Maine's forestry renewable resources ensures a better future for Maine's logging industry.

"The forest products industry in Maine contributed an estimated $9.8 billion in output to the state’s economy in 2014. It employed some 16,551 people directly and was responsible for 38,151 jobs in total – one in every 21 jobs in Maine. An essential component of the industry is logging, which has a direct impact on the availability of and cost of delivered wood. 7,342 total jobs in Maine are directly or indirectly tied to harvesting activity. Today, with Maine’s forest products industry competing in a global market, the competitiveness and viability of the logging sector is increasingly important."*

More about Logging's Impact on Maine's Economy

As a family business, we strive to pass Maine's history and resources on to our children in order to ensure a secure future for Maine's forest industry.

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For more information about the history of logging in Maine, visit: A History of Logging in Maine

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*Mindy Crandall, Assistant Professor, School of Forest Resources, University of Maine